Close the Camps Choir is like a #flashmob with preparation or like a Sing-along Messiah - any individual, group, choir or chorus can join in - visit our blog to learn the music -- or just attend spontaneously.


Melanie Nathan from African Human Rights Coalition, an organization working with LGBTQI asylum seekers and refugees, noted: “While resisting with our voices in song, we protest an administration that has unjustly demonized immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees, children, moms and dads, one that has caged children in appalling conditions, separated families and lined up for deportation the most vulnerable in need of life saving medical treatment. This is not the America we value and love...” Read the full quote and blog here.


The Close the Camps Choir Protest is one of a groundswell of protests organized by people from all walks of life -- protests are being organized by librarians, comedians, tech workers and now by singers.